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Bus Life NZ

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After experiencing the devastating Christchurch earthquake in 2011 Andy and Amber knew that they wanted to spend less time working at their jobs and more time together as a family and traveling.   They eventually decided to convert a 1987 Volvo B6FA school bus into their tiny home to accomplish their dreams.  

After spending a full year converting their bus into an off grid home complete with solar panels and wood stove for heat, the family of four was ready to move in and hit the road in 2016.   They have now spent the last couple years touring both the north and south islands of New Zealand with their bus and young children.   They have also completed an Australian road trip with a RV.  

Gone with the Wynns

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Over the last 8 years Jason and Nikki Wynn have shared their experiences living in an RV and now on board a sailboat.   This vlog started off as a collection of promotional videos about the places they were visiting.   Gradually the Wynns turned the cameras around and now the focus is on their journey and lifestyle as a nomadic couple making a living on the move.   Don’t worry though, they are still capturing the spectacular beauty of the places they visit.  

Follow the journey as the Wynns travel across the United States in their string of motorhomes.   (A Monaco Vesta, Fleetwood Excursion, and eventually a Fleetwood Bounder.)   After traveling around the lower 48 states the Wynns increasing their territory as they travel across British Columbia on their way to adventures in Alaska.   Then back to Florida where they make the transition from a motorhome to a Leopard 43 Sailing Catamaran.  

After transitioning to the sailboat and learning to sail in the process, they spent time touring the Bahamas before sailing across the Caribbean Sea.   They have now crossed the Panama Canal and are continuing their adventures in the Pacific Ocean.  

Keep Your Daydream

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After spending 5 months downsizing their possession, Marc and Tricia loaded up their three kids into the truck and began a 6 month tour of the United States.   It was May 27th, 2016 and they spent the next couple of years living and traveling in their 28ft Northland Travel Trailer.  

After completing their initial 6 month tour of America, Marc and Tricia have continued their travels to Mexico, Canada, and the Southwestern United States.   In early 2018 Marc and Tricia upgraded their trailer to a 2018 Grand Design Reflection 312BHTS.   With a five person household it is understandable why they would want a little more room to stretch out.  

Marc and Tricia’s message is to stop waiting for “someday” to make your perfect dream a reality.   They want to give their viewers the inspiration and courage to make their dreams happen today.  

Less Junk, More Journey

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In order to spend more time together as a family, Nathan and Marissa made the decision to sell their house and most of their stuff.   In 2015 they moved into an RV with their daughter Hensley and have been touring the United States ever since.  

As we follow the Moss family through their adventures we can watch as they continue to downsize in order to increase their mobility.   After selling the house the family moved into a Sandpiper 5th Wheel w/ Bunkhouse.   Very early in the video series they transition to a 2011 Newmar Canyon Star 3810 Class A motorhome, and then in January of 2017 they downsize again to a 2008 Airstream 31 Classic.  

The videos produced by Nathan and Marissa contain a good mix of lifestyle discussion, information about the locations they visit, and a healthy dose of camper tours.  

Nomadic Fanatic

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Eric and his cat Jax have been living in an RV and making videos since 2014.   They are currently traveling in a 2001 Tioga Arrow class C motorhome.   Eric usually begins his trips in the Pacific Northwest and embarks on tours of the United States that take several months to complete.   He has documented several such tours over the last 4 years.  

Even though the production quality of the videos is high, Eric has a very relaxed presentation style that gives you the feeling that we are just sitting back and enjoying a conversation.   So if you are looking for a relaxed day to day presentation of Eric’s version of nomadic living, then check out his videos.  

Sailing La Vagabonde

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Riley and Elayna are a couple Australians that ended up meeting each other in the Greek Islands shortly after Riley had just purchased a Beneteau Cyclades sailboat in Italy.   Once they figured out how to sail their boat (Riley didn’t know how to sail when he purchased the boat), Elayna began creating videos to document their adventures.   They have since sailed in the Mediterranean, crossed the Atlantic Ocean, toured the Caribbean, transited the Panama Canal, sailed across the Pacific Ocean and ended up in New Zealand.  

After reaching New Zealand the couple scored a sponsorship deal that allowed them access to a Outremer 45 catamaran.   The deal meant that they ended up flying to France to pick up their new boat. They have now revisited the Mediterranean, and appear to be planning another Atlantic Ocean crossing on their way to the Caribbean and the East cost of the united states.  

Riley and Elayna are always ready to explore new places, and do a great job of capturing the excitement of their adventures in the videos.   Watch as they gain confidence and skill in their ability to sail and thrive during their travels from one episode to the next.  

Sailing Uma

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Dan originally from Canada and Kika from Haiti met while attending school in Atlanta.   After completing school they started their own design consulting firm to earn enough money to begin their journey.   The videos begin shortly after they purchased a 1972 Pearson 36 sailboat for $3000 in Fairhaven, Massachusetts.   We are lucky enough to tag along from the beginning as Dan and Kika begin the year long process of making Uma sea worthy.   One of the more intriguing properties of their boat is that they chose to replace dilapidated diesel engine with their own custom installed electric motor.  

After the renovations are completed we can follow the adventures down the East Coast of the US to Miami and on to the Bahamas, Haiti, South to Grenada and west to Guatemala.  

Enjoy the videos and remember, "don’t buy a couch".  


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If you are looking for a great example of how to set up your mobile office and gain the ability to work from any location, then you will want to check out Cheri and Chris of Technomadia.   These two have been experiencing the nomadic way of life together for the last 12 years!   Their videos are filled with a wide variety of information regarding WIFI extenders, digital equipment, cell phone plans, RV equipment, boondocking tips, interviews with full time nomads and much more.  

Cheri, Chris and Kiki (the cat) have spent most of their time living and traveling in a 1961 GM 4016 vintage bus.   Recently they have begun splitting their time between the bus and a 1999 Bayliner 4788 motor yacht.  

Cheri and Chris are also the authors behind the Mobile Internet Resource Center.   So if you work in front of a computer all day, Cheri and Chris have the experience and knowledge that will allow you to become a digital nomad as well.  

The Nomadic Movement

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Kaylee and Jordan were looking for a reason to sell everything and begin traveling the world.   When Jordan got laid off from his day job the couple viewed this as their chance to follow their dreams.   After purchasing a 1994 GMC short bus they were able to complete a bus conversion within a couple of months and moved into their new home.  

“The Nomadic Movement” channel is relatively new.   They just started posting videos in June of 2017.   We get to follow along for their quick conversion process, and then hit the road by August.   This couple from the North East coast seemed to be called west as they set out on their cross country tour ending up in California and a lot of places in between.  

This is a young, energetic, and goofy couple which are fun to watch.   Follow their journey as the pick up Lola (the dog), and try to help feed the homeless, all from the “comfort” of their bus as they motor around the country.   Oh, almost forgot, there is a trip to europe in the cards as well!  

Tourist 2 Townie

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Gareth Leonard is a marketing consultant that spends his time traveling the world while creating stunning videos of the places that he visits.   Gareth’s goal during his travels, is to transform himself from a tourist to a townie.   He is attempting to integrate himself deeply into the communities that he visits, learning the language, understanding the culture, and familiarizing himself with all of the local points of interest, all in order to become one of the regulars.  

Garth has created videos from countries across the globe such as Argentina, Colombia, Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Australia, Japan, and more.   Sit back and enjoy this visually stunning world tour as Garth covers things such as local food, nightlife, outdoor adventure, and excellent aerial footage to wrap everything together.  




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